The Class



In this class you will learn the workflow of a 3D print designer.

We will use Suzanne the monkey to learn the Blender basics, repair design issues, and export for 3D printing.

There is a bonus lesson at the end that will challenge you to try some effect modifiers to create different design styles. 

Let's go!

What You Will


  • How to Install Blender 2.8 Beta

  • Introduction to Blender

  • Add-Ons for 3D Print Design

  • Bool Tool - Blender Add On

  • THOY Design Theory

  • Basics of 3D Modeling for 3D Printer

  • Edit Mode

  • 3D Printing Tool Box - Blender Add On

  • How to Design for No Rafts & No Supports

  • Moving Basics

  • Tools Overview

  • Booleans

  • Effect Modifiers



  • FREE Download of Blender 2.8 - 3D software

  • 3D Printer (optional)

  • PC, Mac, or Linux Computer

  • A Curious Mind




UI Basics

Learn basics to Blender's NEW layout, 3D Printing Add Ons and simple effects.

Level: Beginner


Make 3D printed pottery that is easy to customize on the fly.

Level: Beginner

Toy Car

Design a simple toy car that rolls off the 3D printer bed.

Level: Beginner

Cell Phone Amp

Create a design around your cell phone to amplify the sounds.

Level: Beginner

Cheese Door Wedge

Learn box modeling while making a door wedge of cheese.

Level: Beginner

Custom Ring

Make a custom ring that fits your finger.

Level: Beginner

Slicing Designs

Learn slicing techniques for dividing your designs into individual 3D printed parts.

Level: Beginner

EEVEE Renders

Set up a studio lighting for your 3D print designs with Blender's real-time render engine, EEVEE.

Level: Beginner

3D Photos

Turn your photos into 3D Printed Lithopanes.

Level: Beginner

Box Animal

Make your favorite animal with soft box modeling & booleans.

Level: Beginner

Sculpt a Snowman

Learn sculpting basics for 3D printing while you sculpt a snowman.

Level: Beginner
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