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Blender 2.8 UI for 3D Print Designers - Explained in 12 Minutes

Hack Blender for YOUR 3D Printer Project File: https://www.community.ptt.live/download/Blender-Project-for-3D-Printing

This quick lesson teaches you the Blender 2.8 User Interface from a 3D printing designer's perspective in less than 12 minutes. By the end of this lesson, you will learn the main functionality and purpose of Blender 2.82's windows and tabs. We go over the menus at the top of the software, the different design layouts, 3D viewport, drop-down menus, overlay toggles, timeline, outliner, and properties panel.

This lesson will hopefully make the Blender UI a little less intimidating for anyone interested in learning to use Blender for 3D print design. Blender usually gets forgotten when talking about rapid prototype production. But I've used Blender for years now and love using it for my 3D print models. If you want to take my full Beginner 101 course (100% FREE)

I really enjoy chatting with other 3D printing designers from around the globe in our community Design Discord. I am also creating monthly design lessons to help us grow into flexible 3D print designers. See y'all around!


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