Nov 5

Hi All


I am Max, I am Maker, Designer, Blogger, and YouTuber on

I always wanted to learn Blender. I can't wait to finish and publish my 1st real project completed in Blender.

Yeahhh!!!! Max!!!! I still have your design hanging in my 3D Printing Truck

Haha - cool!

BTW - this was Meshmixer sculpting attempt after following your video on YouTube!

Soooo excited to have you join us. :) :) :) Feel free to reach out if you have any questions

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  • I am an optimistic futurist who enjoys creating. I am very excited to start amping up my 3D printing design skills. I'm ready to meet other designers from all over the globe with similar passions. One of my goals of this site is to build a VR Gallery for us to showcase our monthly designs and hang out with each other. I think that'd be a fun way to grow my circle of designer friends. I hope the designs we create inspire other people to begin 3D designing for 3D print. This year, I want to focus on creating professional 3D print designs that blows people's minds. I want to try and push my design abilities to become one of the greatest 3D printing designers in the world. I also want to increase my knowledge of "How to Make Money with 3D Printing Designs" and share my experiences with this community. I would love to chat with anyone about Generative Design, 3D Print Recycling Processes, VR/AR with 3D Printing, or anything about 3D Printed Houses. Please feel free to say hello! -Jwall @PrintThatThing
  • Hey there! It's a new website and someone has to start the hello's. I'm Amber, I'm 32, and I'm a co-founder at I'm pretty good at line producing, cinematography, and editing. I started learning to 3D design in 2017 after we decided to learn how to develop VR games. Turns out changing tech careers is hard. lol Who knew? Thanks to my bff, Jwall, he's taught me that you can learn anything these days and I've been making progress! I'm currently writing a children's book and illustrating it with blender. While I'm not exactly a 3D printing guru, I'll be helping with the new Print That Thing website and helping jwall with some behind the scene's tasks while he dazzles you all with his beautiful soul and creativity. You'll see me lurking around and I look forward to getting to know the 3d printing community!
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